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"Company D" of the 1888 Texas Rangers, and their Silver Stars, are gone, but Silver Star Salsa is here!

Back in the old days, they gave Texas Rangers silver stars.  To carry a silver star meant being the best, most reliable and trusted.  Likewise, SILVER STAR® brand genuine Tex-Mex salsas will always treat you right.

From our big state, you’ll get lots of big delicious tastes!  Whether you crave a campfire flame roasted smoky flavor or a sweet & zesty taste or even a smooth and creamy Nacho cheese dip, you’ll find just the right Tex-Mex salsa recipe in the SILVER STAR® line up to make snack time and meal time everything they ought to be – the best.

As an added bonus, on each jar, we have included a bit of Texas Ranger “tried-and-true logic” (a sort of Texas fortune cookie) to help guide you as you travel down the trail of life!


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